Strange Spaces

I am starting (or really continuing my massive oeuvre) a new dream project.Strange Spacesis about landscapes that express an emotional connection more than a connection with a particular place. These spaces express ideas and ideals, archetypes.  For example, a light post on an empty dark street has a feeling of loneliness, solitary, isolation, desolation and other tangent ideas. Conceptional, symbolic communication is where my work lives. Surreal and cubist visions is how I see the world. Perhaps, I live in a perpetual dream state.


Dreamtime is actually the second image in this series. It is still evolving and will eventually morph a bit. The first image, Panic Room (below), is about panic, claustrophobia (which I do not have), isolation, control and other tangent emotions.

I will drop in with new images and updates on where my project and ideas are moving towards.
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